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State of Illinois Online Lottery

The year was 1974 and quite an exciting one for Illinoisans when it officially sells its first ticket on July 30th for the State Lottery. By December of the same year, a staggering 100,000,000th ticket was sold. It was an instant success as the public visions of a paradise lifestyle of champagne, caviar and living the good life if they won. By 1983 Illinois became the first state to guarantee a million-dollar prize. In true Chicago style, it was ironic that the bartender of the famous Billy Goat Tavern (famous for the Cubs baseball curse) was the first millionaire of the Lotto.

A significant breakthrough comes in March 2012 when officials pass a law allowing the purchase of online lottery tickets, the first state in the country. Revenues contribute to the public-school system, roads, bridges and capital projects for Illinois.

Types of Lottery Tickets

$1 Jackpot Games

  • Lotto – starting at $2 million featuring Extra Shot for $1 more and 6 extra chances to win
  • Mega Millions – starting at $15 million every Tuesday and Friday
  • Powerball – starting at $40 million it is a national ticket price
  • Lucky Day Lotto – starting at $100,000

Daily Games

Pick 3 and Pick 4 at 12:40pm and 9:22pm CST

Instant Games

Win instant prizes with these scratch off games. Choose from New Instants, Features Instants and:

Featured Games

  • Million $$ Match top prize $5,000,000 ticket price $30
  • Roulette top prize $250,000
  • Neon 9s top prize $999 ticket price $1
  • Multiplier Family purchase $1 5x for $2,000, $2 10x for $20,000, $5 25x for $25,000, $10 50 x for $ 2,000,000 and $20 100x for $4,000,000

Jumbo Bucks – purchase price $5 for $1,000,000, $10 for $2,000,000, $20 for $3,000,000

Specialty Games for Charity with ticket prices ranging from $1 to $30

  • Red Ribbon Cash contributed over $7 million since 2008 to fight HIV/AIDS
  • Veterans Cash contributed $13.3 million for Veteran organizations in Illinois since 2006
  • Ticket for the Cure contributed $11.5 million to breast cancer research and grants since 2006
  • MS Project $8.3 million going towards multiple sclerosis in Illinois since 2008
  • Special Olympics donated over $1.5 million for sports training programs since 2015

How to Play

  • Choose from the list of Lottery tickets first before registering an account
  • Pick your own numbers or “Quick Pick” automated generated numbers
  • Choose the number of draws to play from 1 day to multiple weeks
  • Add to cart
  • Add another game or click “Check Out”
  • Register an account or “Quick Checkout” as a guest
  • Fill in your personal information
  • Accept terms and conditions
  • Enter debit/credit for payment
  • A receipt is then printed for each drawing

All winning tickets over $600 or less will be paid by automatic deposit. The Illinois Lottery processes all winnings over $600 and an email will be sent to explain how to claim.

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