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Written by World Casino Directory Staff, Tuesday May 28th, 2024

Lotteries have existed since long before Columbus decided to set his sails towards the new world. Not just the illegal lotteries, like the numbers games which remain popular in several northern American cities like New York City, but the legal lotteries which are officially regulated by local government agencies. In fact, lots of lotteries exist everywhere today worldwide. International lotteries are basically the same as American lotteries with a few minor differences shaped by the respective country's national culture. Our European neighbors enjoy playing the lottery in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland, Italy and Spain.

Europeans have enjoyed playing lotteries since the times of the illustrious Roman emperor, Nero, who reigned between the years 54 to 68 AD. Nero drew lotteries at his palatial parties to distribute prizes to his multitude of guests. The first publicly run European lottery was held in Florence, Italy, in the year 1530, to raise monies for a public works project. England adopted lotteries to finance their public works projects as early as 1566. In 1753, a public lottery was held to finance the construction of the world renowned British Museum.

Do you remember the original European lottery, the Irish Sweepstakes? Perhaps you overheard your grandparents raving about it. The Irish government established its international paramutual operation in 1930 as a fundraising vehicle for the construction of many badly needed hospitals throughout Ireland. The Emerald Isle's lottery was drawn four times yearly for more than half a century, essentially during the untouchable era when public gambling was basically prohibited on American soil. During its existence, the infamous Irish Sweepstakes generated over $135 million pounds sterling for the Irish hospital fund while its generous quarterly payouts delighted all the lucky winners with a cool $265 million pounds sterling in cash prizes.

Today anyone can enjoy playing any or all of the various European lotteries from the comfort of their living room recliner. Legally! There's a nice variety of gainfully attractive games found in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland and Spain. The European lotteries are similar to the games we're familiar with here in the United States. They're regulated and operated by their respective governments.

Lots of lotteries are paying out lots of dollars all around the world. You can understand why the way our European neighbors do their thing is internationally well liked, the jackpots are all paid in one big tax free payout. Post time is every Wednesday and Saturday for the European lotteries just like the ones sold at our local convenience stores. If you have a dollar and a dream and want to bet your life European style, you can get in touch with one of the betting services that are available here in the United States.

Check out the folks at the European Lottery Guild. They can be reached over the telephone or on the Internet. The European Lottery Guild is an independent lottery subscription service operating for the last 16 years. They can help you place your bets in the United Kingdom, France, Germany, Ireland and Spain.

Perhaps you prefer to get more bang for your buck by parlaying your bets with the much talked about E-lottery Syndicate. This United Kingdom operation claims to increase your odds of winning by giving all their fee paid members an unheard of advantage, they guarantee the last number in every UK national Lotto drawing. So, if the game requires a player to pick six numbers, the bet is already ahead because the E-Lottery Syndicate guarantees the winning sixth number.

Whatever your pleasure or whichever European lottery works for you today could be your lucky day should you decide to place your legal bets in one of the European lotteries.

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